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We would like to introduce to you SANAFIT dedicated to all those who love their bodies and want a sense of total well-being.


These products are made from a special microfibre fabric which consists a polyamide in viscous form added with particolar microparticles of bioactive materials. The effect is permanent and makes sure that the product life length is practically unlimited.


Diapositiva3The human body emits infrared rays, most are in the form of heat but all. A part of infrared rays called FIR or bioinfrared are essential for health. Thus the textile fiber formed has the property of reflecting the bioinfrared and return it to our body. The bioinfrared is characterized by low energy consumption and low penetration without any dangerous effects on biological tissues. The same effect is available for all living beings. F.I.R. have been studied for years in various application fields: medical, therapeutic, sports and cosmetic.






far infrared benefitsThe bioinfrared "returned" to our body has a penetration of about 3-4 cm and has the ability to vibrate the water molecules creating the physical phenomenon called "resonance". Water is a polar molecule: it has a negative part (oxygen) and a positive (hydrogen), and behaves as if it were a magnet attracting to itself other water molecules thus increasing its size to form macromolecules which are no longer able to cross cell membranes or pass through the capillaries. The bionfrared, through resonance, has the peculiarity of separating these ties that are formed between the water molecules, making them a size suitable to circulate throughout the body. The human body is composed of over 70% water, it performs various tasks essential for life: carrying nutrients, oxygen, hormones, expelling waste products and carbon dioxide; maintaining THERMOREGULATION.








Yes, the function of the fiber bioceramics has no other functions nor other interactions with the human body aside from the physical one already explained.


The increase in the microcirculation causes all cells receive nutris, oxygen, drugs and eliminate all possible waste products and carbon dioxide. Our bodies are made up of cells, if the cells are in optimal condition then so are our bodies. Our body is made up of organs, if our bodies are in optimum working condition therefore ... THE MISSION AS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED .


One might add that there is a significant increase in heat regulation, skin collagen synthesis, decreased the roughness of the skin (the so-called "orange peel"), making it more elastic and hydrated, helping it cool down and decreasing recovery time in sports and other activities.


SanaFit-punto-micro-massaggianteCertainly! The bio ceramics is great but it's not enough just to have an exceptional product. That would be like putting a formula1 racing car in the hands of an inexperienced driver. You would never utilise all the capabilities and features and ofthe vehicle.
Now you can take advantage of this transforme draw material with outstanding characteristics in one single product!
The company which produces the finished product, have made it their own thanks to decades-long experience in machining and manufacturing know-how, it's various property patents, exalting the characteristics of the product by modifying the raw material's texture, by giving the product bodies an anatomical shape allowing for incredible ease of movement, by studying a smooth machining point textile which can be likened to a second skin, a three-dimensional " smart" made to "order" weft with a continuity solution which allows a for constant micromassage and increase of microcirculation in the skin (as opposed to most of the competition's products which exert the massaging effect on a continuous storyline in which form a "Dam" like effect on the blood flow preventing microcirculation) .

SanaFit-punto maglia liscio seconda pelle ridThe importance of a correct massaging effect utilizing fiber bioceramic is fundamental, as the massage causes an increase in local temperature, and therefore a greater emission and reflection of bioinfrared toward the human body; and of course a potentiation of the effect of the fiber and the benefits it brings. These are only some of the parts of the expedients of machining that differentiate this product, there are also others that we would prefer not to disclose for Patent reasons. These innovative studies applied to the yarn and its machining make these products unique and matchless: of an excellence which is 100% Made in Italy.





Certainly but we want to go beyond !!! The motto of Zenit is "wellness for everybody" it means that these products can be obtained at a truly affordable price for everyone because we want everyone to benefit from the properties of these products. Another significant aspect is the testimonials that have lent their image to project after FREE testing the effectiveness of the products: we speak of world champions who have moved and become proud of being Italian, thanks to their victories when they played the national anthem and waved our flag on the top step of the podium. Why would these athletes give their the services for free image if not for the fact that they personally believe in the product and the company's mission? How many companies worldwide have had the free support (I repeat myself, but I consider it a necessary recognition to these men so sensitive to the other people’s problems) of athletes at such a high level? The answer is simple: NO!